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ACCESS Blind Tech - Making Computer Tasks Easier for the Blind Young woman using a headset to talk to her computer

ACCESS Blind Tech

Voice-activated software to make computer tasks
easier for the blind and visually impaired.

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ACCESS Blind Tech Installation

System Requirements   Installation

System Requirements

Windows 10 with windows build 1809

To find what version you have of Windows follow the instructions provided by
David Woodbridge on the Canadian Council of the Blind website. The link opens in a new window:

Microphone and headset with the microphone positioned in front of your mouth.
Note: other microphones may work, but they are in the process of being tested.

4 gigs of ram

700 megabytes of hard disk space


There are two ways to install the ACCESS Blind Tech software. The first link is just the program and assumes you are running Windows 1809. The second link includes the installation of Windows 1809.

Install ACCESS Please note it is safe to run this application respective of any warning you might hear.

ACCESS with 1809

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